FA Cup: Stamford AFC, on the pitch from the first round, one step away from the dream

Next weekend is dedicated to the  FA Cup matches , which have reached the fourth qualifying round, in which the 23 teams of the National League come into play  ; last round without the professional clubs, in fact in the next round the 48 teams that make up League One  and  League Two will be added to the 32 teams that will qualify  . Always with total draw couplings.

Five rounds have already been played

At the moment, five qualifying rounds have already been played, involving  614  Clubs, which came into play in sequence according to the series to which they belong.

The first round,  Extra Preliminary Round , was played in the first weekend of August with  174  games played, in which the best clubs of the eighth, ninth and tenth series were played; from the second and third,  Preliminary Round  and  First Qualifying Round , the  Isthmian League ,  Southern League South ,  Southern League Central  and  Northern League teams took the field ; while from the fourth to mid-September the clubs of National League South  and  National League North joined  .

Saturday 16 October 2021 the next round

They will be  64  clubs that  Saturday, October 16, 2021  will take the field in the  Fourth Qualifying Round  to contend for the passage to the next round; 23 of the seats are allotted to  National League  squads that enter the competition in this round.

The remaining formations come from the victorious previous qualifying rounds, and belong to the following series: 9 Clubs from the  National League South , 10 from the  National League North , 4 from the  Isthmian League , 3 from the  Southern League South , 5 from the  Southern League Central  and 2 from the  Northern League .

The 64 are still missing 8 clubs, all belonging to the eighth English series, they are:  AFC Sudbury ,  Bedfont Sports ,  Chertsey Town ,  Marine ,  Marske ,  United Pontefract Collieries ,  Hastings United  and  Stamford AFC.

Stamford AFC : in the running from the first round

Only one club is still in the running from the first round, the one at the beginning of August, it is  Stamford AFC  which participates in the  Northern Premier League Midlands , the eighth English series.

The  Daniels  are the club in the town of  Stamford , in South Kesteven County in  Lincolnshire , with a population of around 20,000.

The formation of Manager  Graham Drury , has reached the  Fourth Qualifying Round by  overcoming in sequence: GNG Oadby Town, Lincoln United, Reddtich United, AFC Telford and Norwich United; scoring 11 goals and conceding only two in the last two matches.

In the next round,  Stamford ACF will try to overtake the most popular  Stockport County , Club currently tenth place in the  National League ; to do so he will rely on the inspiration and goals of  Cameron Jhonson , an offensive winger with an excellent sense of goal, for him already 11 goals in the season between the  FA Cup  and the Championship.

By Gianluca Urgnani